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Syd's Story


I'm Syd Vittoria, an twelve-year-old 7th Grader at Pleasanton Middle School and I LOVE to be creative (I also love climbing trees, dogsitting, and driving my brother crazy!).

During the lockdown, I decided to get creative with my time and I started collecting beads and charms and before I knew it, I was creating jewelry that my Mom and friends that was the start of MOODS (I'm not a teenager yet so my Mom likes this style of MOODS a lot)...


I am busy making lots of fun, new designs and more will be posted on my website every week.  I am also happy to make custom designs if you are looking for a particular look or color or you just need a gift for someone special.


MOODS is a great way to stay positive and each piece is handmade by myself in my "she-shed" workshop in my garden!  Check my website regularly for pop-up events so you can stop by to see all my MOODS collections.


Happy MOODS!